My name is Jaeson Daniel. I started in video production in 2008. With the recession, I grew to include photography, writing, and design work. Every project from video to design is about telling an individual or collective story and that's why I love collaborating with people. I started a business with my wife in the Central Valley but now, have expanded to northern California in the bay area and central coast.


I am a creator. I write, direct, camera operate, and edit. I'm a jack of all trades, master of a few. Every frame and line is a crucial part to the story. A few stills from my videos are below or you can visit my Vimeo Portfolio.



I started with portrait photography to pay the bills. Simple head shots for small businesses. From there, I fell in love with photography as an art and how it translates to cinematography. I love to capture the moments.



You might say that photoshop was my first love with media. I started making fun graphics for my friends, learned to touch up pictures, and grew to expand into print and webdesign.


My Work

I'm working on developing a video player on site but for now, here are some of my favorite stills and photographs.

Say Hello.

Business inquiries, questions, compliments. I would love to hear from you.